Moving Across the Country: The Benefits of Backloading

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Moving Across the Country: The Benefits of Backloading

When I was offered a new job in Perth, I had to relocate my life from Brisbane. I had no idea how I was going to ship all my things across Australia. I considered hiring a van and doing it myself, but driving thousands of miles and then starting work when I arrived just didn't appeal to me. I looked into using a moving company, but I was put off a little by the cost. It was then my friend mentioned backloading. Backloading allowed me to haul my things across the country on trucks which were returning from another job. This drastically reduced the cost. I am now settled in Perth, but I wanted to start this blog to help others who need to store or move the things they own.

Why Self Storage Is A Great Option For Long Term Storage

Many of the times, storage is usually a short term or a medium term need. For example, when you need to stash some items away for a few days, when you have a renovation at home, when you need to fumigate the house over the weekend, etc. However, in some cases, storage needs can be a long term need (six months or more). If you need long term storage, see why a self storage unit might fit your situation.

Enjoy discounted rates for long term storage

When you pay in advance for long term storage in your self storage unit, you enjoy discounted rates that other people who pay on a month-to-month basis simply do not enjoy. If you pay a whole year's rent, for example, you could enjoy up to a month off or more. Many self storage unit owners offer this incentive to encourage longer storage and to reduce payment complications. 

Add or retrieve items from storage as you please

With self storage units, you are allowed all the access you want to your unit. As you can imagine, with time you may want to add more items into the unit. You may also want to remove some items from the unit and put them back at home, sell or gift away. With a self storage unit, you can do this at any time.

Check on your items at will to ensure safety

Another benefit of the 'open door' policy in self storage centres is that you get to keep a close eye on your stuff. Long term storage can spiral into a very long time, such as months and even years. During that time, you want to be sure that your items are safe and secure. You especially want to make sure that your items are safe from mould, algae, mildew, dust, moisture and other threats. With self storage units, you will be free to inspect your boxes and furniture as often as you want.

Ability to upgrade to a larger unit

Last but not least, self service storage accords you the opportunity to upgrade to a large unit over time as your needs balloon. As you keep adding items to your unit, there might come a time when you need a larger unit than you originally hired. Instead of hiring a second unit, you can upgrade to a larger one so that you keep your possessions consolidated under one roof.

Of course, sometimes you just don't know if you'll need to store your furniture for the long term. If you're not sure, take the safer route and assume that you will anyhow. For more information, contact local professionals like Cheapest Storage Sydney.