Moving Across the Country: The Benefits of Backloading

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Moving Across the Country: The Benefits of Backloading

When I was offered a new job in Perth, I had to relocate my life from Brisbane. I had no idea how I was going to ship all my things across Australia. I considered hiring a van and doing it myself, but driving thousands of miles and then starting work when I arrived just didn't appeal to me. I looked into using a moving company, but I was put off a little by the cost. It was then my friend mentioned backloading. Backloading allowed me to haul my things across the country on trucks which were returning from another job. This drastically reduced the cost. I am now settled in Perth, but I wanted to start this blog to help others who need to store or move the things they own.

Office Moving Tips

Moving offices is not as easy as many people would think. However, office moves are unavoidable when you want to move your office to new premises. The information below discusses some office removal tips. 

Tip 1: Hire An Office Removalist

Your office contains delicate and expensive items such as electronics and furniture. These items require special handling to prevent damage during the move. For this reason, you should engage an experienced removalist when moving your office. Consider the following when hiring an office removalist

  • Your preferred removalist should have positive reviews from previous clients. This is an indication that they offer quality services.
  • Office moves can take several days, depending on the size of your office. Therefore, it is wise to confirm the availability of the removalist.
  • Assess the terms of the moving contract. For instance, what are your obligations? What items can't be moved by the removalist? For example, some removalists will ask you to organise transport for sensitive documents and cash.
  • The removalist's quote should be within your budget. As a rule of thumb, you should not shy away from paying a little more to receive quality and personalised services.  

Tip 2: Prepare The Office For The Move

Unlike a residential move, office removals require a lot of preparation. For example, you should ask employees to pack personal items that they do not wish to be handled by the removalists. Additionally, you should inform your customers and other stakeholders of the move. You also need to clean your new premises and install essential amenities such as security systems and computer servers before moving in. 

Tip 3: Create A Removal Timetable

A removals timetable will ensure organisation during your move. Typically, the timetable details the activities that should be conducted before the move. They include contacting property management, decluttering the office, conducting office inspections, choosing a removals route, deciding on the removals date, finding storage space, and securing the required permits. The primary benefit of the timetable is that it will prevent oversights as you move the office. 

Tip 4: Get Removals Insurance

A removals insurance policy will provide compensation in case some of your items get damaged during the move. For an office move, you need a comprehensive policy that protects all your items from varying risks. Check the terms and exemptions of the cover to prevent nullification. For example, some policies become void if a person other than the removalist packs the items. 

When moving your office, hire a removalist, prepare for the move, create a removals timetable and get removals insurance.