Moving Across the Country: The Benefits of Backloading

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Moving Across the Country: The Benefits of Backloading

When I was offered a new job in Perth, I had to relocate my life from Brisbane. I had no idea how I was going to ship all my things across Australia. I considered hiring a van and doing it myself, but driving thousands of miles and then starting work when I arrived just didn't appeal to me. I looked into using a moving company, but I was put off a little by the cost. It was then my friend mentioned backloading. Backloading allowed me to haul my things across the country on trucks which were returning from another job. This drastically reduced the cost. I am now settled in Perth, but I wanted to start this blog to help others who need to store or move the things they own.

Why Take Flat-Pack Furniture Apart Before You Move?

If you have a lot of flat-pack furniture, then don't assume that you should leave the furniture as it is when you move home. You might be better off taking the furniture apart before the move and then reassembling it at the other end. What are the benefits of doing this?

Protect Your Furniture

Flat-packed furniture doesn't always cope that well with the stress of a move. This kind of furniture isn't really designed to be carried, moved or transported. Even if your furniture seems strong and stable now, it might lose some of its strength during the move.

For example, the fittings on some pieces might start to come loose. Or, pieces might develop a lean, which means that they won't stand straight and strong when you put them in place in your new home. Sometimes, some items of furniture simply break when you move or carry them.

Even if you're extra careful, your furniture might not respond well to the experience. Unlike ready-made furniture, which is designed to stay in one piece, flat-pack items naturally move and shift. They are made from lots of separate parts.

So, it's a good idea to disassemble these pieces of furniture before you move them. You reduce the risk of damage if you break them down and move them as parts.

Reduce Your Removal Costs

Removalists often charge by the size or number of vans you need to fit in all your stuff and the time it will take them to move you. If you leave your flat-pack furniture in one piece, then these costs might be higher.

For example, larger items, such as beds, wardrobes and dining tables, can take up a lot of room in a van. Your removalist will have to carry these items out of your home and stow them carefully in the van to make them safe.

If you take flat-pack furniture apart, then it takes up less space. Your removalist can stack the furniture's parts around the van, leaving more room for the rest of your things. Plus, it's a lot quicker and easier to carry out flat-pack parts. So, you could use a smaller van and get a quicker move. Your costs should go down.

Remember, many removalists offer furniture disassembly and reassembly services. If you don't want to do this job yourself, your removalist could do it for you. To find out more, contact local furniture removals companies.