Moving Across the Country: The Benefits of Backloading

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Moving Across the Country: The Benefits of Backloading

When I was offered a new job in Perth, I had to relocate my life from Brisbane. I had no idea how I was going to ship all my things across Australia. I considered hiring a van and doing it myself, but driving thousands of miles and then starting work when I arrived just didn't appeal to me. I looked into using a moving company, but I was put off a little by the cost. It was then my friend mentioned backloading. Backloading allowed me to haul my things across the country on trucks which were returning from another job. This drastically reduced the cost. I am now settled in Perth, but I wanted to start this blog to help others who need to store or move the things they own.

Removals 101: All You Need To Know About Backloading

Removalists offer different services to people who intend to move their homes and offices. Unfortunately, most clients are not conversant with backloading services. Below are some FAQs to help you comprehend how this arrangement works and why you should consider it during your next move. What Is Backloading?  Backloading is an arrangement when removal clients share a truck as they move their items. Alternatively, the removal company could use an empty truck on a return trip to move a client. Read More 

Two situations in which you must hire removalists

Here are a couple of situations in which you must hire removalists for a move to a new home. Your friends and relatives aren't strong enough to help you move your heavy items If you have some friends and relatives who would be happy to help you move, but they're not physically able to help you carry the big, heavy furniture items and larger boxes of hefty objects you'll be taking with you, then you must hire some removalists. Read More 

How To Pick A Local Removals Service

Moving home is notoriously stressful, not least because it involves entrusting everything you own to a complete stranger. Pick the right removals service, though, and that worry disappears—if you know your belongings are in safe hands, you'll be able to focus on everything else. So how can you find a moving company that is right for you? Ask for recommendations and read through reviews Word of mouth is an invaluable commodity, and when you're looking for a business that operates mostly locally, you've got an advantage—most of your neighbours will have moved in at some point, after all! Read More 

Tips for Using a Furniture Removal Service When You Have High-End Furniture

If you have high-end, expensive furniture in your home, then you might be planning on moving all of it to your new home when you're moving. If you're going to be working with a furniture removal service, these are all tips that you should keep in mind. Make Sure You Do Use a Furniture Removal Service If you are still trying to decide whether or not you want to move your own furniture, you should strongly consider using a furniture removal service. Read More 

4 Disclosures To Make When Hiring A Furniture Removalist

When hiring a furniture removalist, it is usual for clients to leave all the heavy lifting to the professionals. While this is perfectly in line, the client needs to make some disclosures to ease the work of the removalist. They include:  Where You Live Do not merely give the physical location of your house. Instead, provide intricate details such as the availability of parking space at your home. Remember, removalists use large trucks that need substantial parking space. Read More